Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Is this a step backwards???

I am starting this blog at the beginning of our home Reno and re-construction...so in some ways if feels we are taking steps backwards instead of forwards...This is our living room before the demolition...See the railing behind the couch...that lovely orangey thing - it is no more!

Gone also, is the lovely orangey trim around the door frames in the entry and the entire main living areas - I have been decorating around this orange colour for 16 years - AND I WANT IT GONE!!!  And while my before pics are lovely...and the during stage (that we have been living in for the past few weeks) aren't so pretty...I know we are on our way to an even better "after"...so hold tight - its going to be messy for a while longer...

I am trying out some new colours as you can see...but they look alot more blue in this photo..the current wall colour is a "pear green" - not sure of the exact shade but I know the paint came from Sears years ago - I don't even think they sell paint at Sears here in Canada anymore...I am leaning towards a grey-blue colour by CIL paints called Canadian Sky for the living room and dining room...and the kitchen is going to be another CIL shade called Smoked Turquoise.

I'm off to paint another coat of white on the entryway baseboards...wish me luck!!


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