Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No Sew Curtains!

So, long before this renovation started I was on the lookout for some sort of inspiration...I knew that I wanted to go with a grey-blue colour on the walls in the living room and dining room but it had to look good with our brown micro suede furniture and tan coloured chairs...While browsing in our local JYSK store one day I stumbled upon this


The Anili tablecloth...42 x 84 beauty - BUT the problem was they only has ONE in stock.  I promptly flagged down a sales clerk to see if they had more in the back or would be getting more in - NOPE it was being discontinued ...Urghhhhhhhh!  It was the perfect thing to bring all the colours I wanted into the room and a big money saver cause they were only $8 each...I needed 6 tablecloths in total to use them as curtains in my living room and dining room...Needless to say I bought the one knowing that if I couldn't find any more I would at least have this one to make pillow covers or something for the rooms!  The good thing about using tablecloths too is that the fabric is made of good quality that can stand up to many washings without losing its lustre.

I came home and went online to JYSK and low and behold I found the extras I was looking for.  They were still $8 but how much would it cost me to get them shipped here...I followed the process and added them to "my cart".  I got down to the shipping portion and it was my LUCKY DAY - SHIPPING WAS FREE!! - So cost of 6 tablecloths for curtains $48 plus tax!!!  I went to Walmart to buy ring clips for the project - they were charging $11 for 7 ring clips.  Those were going to cost me more than the tablecloths...I dropped in to our local Liquidation World (which is a division of Big Lots) and found packages of 14 rings (enough to do 2 panels) for just $6 - WOO HOO - SCORE!!!

McG helped me put back up our existing woven blinds and then hung the rods up for me...Here's a closer look at the pattern

The pictures are a little dark - some I took last night and some are from this morning - the effects of Hurricane Sandy have arrived in our area - its very windy and raining so the natural light is not the best and I really do need a new camera!

This is just a quick look at the living room with the curtains up...there are still lots of changes to come, including a revamp of our current media cabinet, but for right now the TV is just on top of our wicker trunk as a make-shift stand...I will post more as the project continues...

I really love how the curtains look in the room - we still have quite a bit to do, including baseboards - which have been purchased and now need painting...it seems like we've been living in a state of construction for so long now...McG is finishing up a few small projects this week and then he will be off deer hunting next week...that leaves me to do a bit of DIYing on my own - and shopping for some fun accessories.

Have you ever used tablecloths as curtain panels?  It's a fun, no sew way to do curtains!



  1. Gotta love a bargain! They look great! And yes you are right, the fabric is generally a good quality! Your room is coming together nicely!

    1. Thanks Wanda...I can't wait to show you the fully completed room...I am waiting for your next post...looks like you used tablecloths as well...can't wait to find out!

  2. Great idea! I'm almost looking for the same pattern and was in Jysk today but had forgotten my window measurements.
    Do you need to cut the tablecloths at all, or do the rings somehow hold the fabric in and then go on the rod? I've never hung my own blinds or curtains, very new at DIY, would love some extra instruction about how to get the fabric onto the ring! Thanks and cheers!

    1. I didn't cut the tablecloths...they were perfect at 84 inches long - the rings have clips that open like a clothespin and attach easily to the edge of the tablecloths - I tried to email you directly, but it shows you as a "no reply blogger"

      hope this helps you


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