Tuesday, October 09, 2012

My Fall Mantel

I'm taking a break from my own DIY projects to read and catch up with all the blogs I follow...you can find some of them under my Blog Roll - I also follow many through Facebook...and Pinterest!  That's a crazy addictive place and where I get caught up for hours at a time, dreaming of new ideas for our home.

This is what my mantel in the basement family room has looked like for the better part of this year...a yard sale mirror ($10), a deer candle holder from Homesense ($14) which I spray painted a rusty brown.  It was originally painted red - I got in on clearance after Christmas last year...one of McG's old duck decoys, along with some old photos of the kids...and a garland with rusty bells on it...I went to the Dollarama and picked up a few faux pumpkins and also added some small gourds from the grocery store...it now looks like this...

and here's a closer view...

A simple change that cost me less than $10...and it brings the fall colours to my home!


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  1. What a wonderful display! This is so natural and beautiful. I could see it staying up all through Thanksgiving and only with a few minor alterations, even remaining for Christmas. Truly lovely!

    1. Thanks so much Michele...as a new blogger, I am so grateful that you took the time to view my post and offer your comments...I hope you decide to follow along!


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