Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Kitchen Mantel

Ok so I'm not really sure if you can call it a mantel...its more of a ledge between our kitchen and dining room...well right now its not technically a dining room because its piled high with furniture during our big living room/dining room reno...

But I was feeling inspired to create a little bit of fall decor in amongst the mess that is our home these days!

We recently painted our kitchen "smoked turquoise" by CIL paint - it was colour matched into BEHR self-priming paint over at Home Depot that we purchased over in Michigan...but wait didn't I just tell you yesterday that I live in Southern Ontario...ya - well we did some cross-border shopping and saved ourselves about $100 on the paint - the same paint here in Canada costs $45/gallon and we paid $25/gallon in Michigan...the exchange on the money right now is very little and McG and I made a day of it.  We went to IKEA (woo hoo!) and then had lunch out and then spent a couple of hours in the Home Depot.  I can usually get him to agree to shopping if I include Home Depot in the day's events!

This is a view of the opening between our dining room and kitchen, and there's the sofa from the living room hanging in out in the dining room.  I loved the way the yellow mums and turquoise dish looked on the ledge, so I decided to incorporate them into a fall mantel display (of sorts)...

The mums I cut from the garden, the turquoise candy dish was my Nana's and now I get to enjoy it - the small votive holder I pulled from another room to add some more colour, and the tiny pumpkins I purchased at the grocery store 3/99 cents.  A pretty cheap little arrangement, but lovely on my kitchen mantel - don't you think??

Here's a closer look...

It wont't be up there for long, because we are starting to paint the dining room and living room tonight...but it brought me some joy today and I thought I would share...

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