Monday, November 05, 2012

HOME TOUR - Our Master Bedroom

Well, since McG is out of town this week, and we really aren't working on the living room/dining room renovation this week...WAIT - let me re-phrase that...I am working on stuff - but its just painting baseboards and we all know how to do that...I thought since I really didn't have any productive posts for this week - I should start to show you around Our House!

I've decided the Master bedroom was the place to start...since - it was the cleanest room and I really didn't need to do any styling to get the pictures done...I know L-A-Z-Y!!! So here we go....

This is the view from the double door entry.  The room is about 15 x 16 feet and has double closets...not a huge room by any means but just enough to hold everything we need.  The queen sleigh bed we bought on clearance a number of years ago...the antique trunk I received as a gift for my 16th birthday (oh so many years ago!!! please don't ask how many!!)  The dresser in the back is McG's - it was his grandmother's but it was in sad shape when we got it and painted green.  I had my Dad build new drawers for it and re-stain it back in the 80's (before we knew what DIY was).  The telephone table under the window belonged to my Grandmother - it might just become my first chalk paint project - YES, MY NAME IS CHERYL AND I AM A CHALK PAINT VIRGIN!

Here's a closer view of the bed and it gives you a better look at McG's dresser...The quilt I purchased at Quilts and More here in Canada last boxing day.  The sweater pillows I purchased at The Great Canadian Superstore last spring on clearance for $3.00 each - they were a steal and I should have bought more!  The striped pillow covers I purchased at Fabricland - they are outdoor sunbrella fabric but they matched the bedding perfectly.

Here's closer look at the bedding - I can't remember the name of the print, but again, I purchased it at Quilts and More.

This armoire McG made when we lived in our previous was a small 2 bedroom and I needed something to keep all the kids clothes in since they shared a room...when we moved here, they each had their own room and their own dressers, so I acquired this.

You will notice, that the trim and closet doors are stained in this room...Our whole home was made like this...we have changed the trim and doors to a white painted finish in the main living areas of our home...we have yet to get to the bedrooms or bathrooms, but that is on the long list of things to do!

I hope you liked the tour of our Master Bedroom...I'm looking forward to sharing more of our home with you in the coming days...I love the colours in our will see that these beachy colours of blue, sand, green and brown are a continuous thread throughout our home.  It makes decorating much easier, because I am able to move things room to room without having to change or re-upholster the furniture...

Thanks for coming by... please feel free to leave a comment - I LOVE to hear from you!!


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