Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Updating the Dining Room Chairs

Earlier this week I shared with you our "new to us" dining room furniture...

At that time I also shared with you the two fabric choices we were considering for the chairs.  Don't you just love that blue vinyl they are pictured in above? Y-U-C-K!!!

Both of these fabrics I purchased from Walmart for just $9.97 - they are upholstery grade fabric and each remnant was almost 2 yards of fabric 56 inches in width - can you say SCORE!!!

Although some thought that one of the patterns was too modern to go with the style of the furniture, that is the one that McG and I both liked the best, so we went ahead and started reupholstering the chairs last night.

First McG removed the seat from the chair and we removed the staples, and took off the ugly blue vinyl.  

Then we laid out the fabric (right side down) on our kitchen island.  We reused an old quilt for padding and the cut the fabric 2 inches bigger than the chair seat.  McG then stapled the quilt fabric on first, making sure to pull it very tight as he went.  Once that was completed he did the same for the fabric, trimming the excess off when he was done.

Then he re-attached the chair seats using new screws.  McG had to add some toothpicks to the screw holes to help re-inforce them as the previous screws were stripped and wouldn't go back in.  It took about a half an hour in total to complete one chair.

This is a closer view of the fabric.  It is a grey/taupe background with blue, aqua, yellow and chartreuse wavy stripes.  I can't wait for them all to be done - then we will be ready for the big living room/dining room reveal!

I think this fabric ties in well with the rest of the colours we have in the room and updates the chairs into the 21st century...ALL FOR LESS THAN $10!!


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  1. Your chair looks awesome Cheryl! Love the fabric! It'll look so great when they're all done.

    1. Thanks Tuula - I'm looking forward to getting this project completed...thanks for visiting!

  2. Love your fabric.... Just found your blog. I am always on the search for Canadian blogs. We need to stick together.

  3. What a fun fabric choice! The chairs look great!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kelly - hope you will come back soon!

  4. I don't think it's too modern at all. It's a design that will last for a long time. Lovely!

  5. Those chair cushions look really pretty!


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