Monday, November 05, 2012

What I'm Working on Today...

While many of the bloggers I follow are readying their homes for Thanksgiving and the holiday season, I was hesitant to take out Christmas decorations this early...McG's birthday is at the beginning of December and he really hates having Christmas stuff out before his birthday (he is a Scrooge sometimes)...

I was out today running some errands and stopped by the Dollarama and look what I found!

I was actually only looking for one...our daughter has been dating a young man now for the better part of the year and he will be joining us during the upcoming holiday season.  I wanted him to feel part of the family, and wanted him to have his own stocking.   We've had our stockings for a long time, and I knew I wouldn't be able to find one to match.  While in the local dollar store I found these lovely ones for just $2 it wouldn't break the bank to get everyone a new stocking!!! ( Like how I rationalized that spending..LOL)

I brought them home and used my Tulip Glitter Fabric paint to personalize each one with our names.  I must confess that I've had this paint since the early '90's - but it worked like a charm!

I bought my daughter and her beau stockings with matching plaid trim.  The others all have snowmen on them.  They were quite nicely made considering they were from the dollar store...

Are you buying or making new stockings this year? Check out your local dollar's amazing sometimes the great things you can find there!



  1. Yay they turned out great! That young man Ive been dating will be around for awhile :)
    Thanks for making him one, it will make him feel like part of the family :)

    1. Yes, they turned out great - look much better in person than in the pictures...and I'm glad that young man will be around for awhile...I hope he likes his stocking

  2. Hi Cheryl, I am glad you stopped in to my blog so I was able to discover your blog. What great stockings and from the Dollar Store? I love them. The personalization came out great. The new family member will feel very special this Christmas. Patty


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