Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ready for Winter...A Transitional Wreath

It has been quite chilly this week here in Southern Ontario...temperatures are due to warm up this weekend, but let's face it - it's November and the winter weather is just around the corner!

I was digging out the gloves and scarves this week..

We have so many that we keep in a box under the stairs during the warmer months...I knew we wouldn't be using them all and decided to get some together to donate (secretly wishing I could find a use for them...)

 I have been seeing so many Christmas wreaths this week on the blogs I follow and on Pinterest...I am not one to decorate for Christmas before December...remember earlier this week I told you that McG's birthday is in the first week of December...and he's a bit of a Scrooge and doesn't like Christmas decorations to go up too early...

I was tired of my fall wreath on the front door - but didn't want to put my Christmas wreath up just yet...

I took it down and began to take the fall flowers off (I never glue my flowers on as I like to change the wreath many times throughout the year)  This time I wanted a look that was more about winter than it was about the holidays... I decided to figure out a way to use some of my scarves to decorate it. What better way to say "winter wreath" than to decorate it with a winter staple like a scarf!  

First, I tried to wrap a soft pink one around it, but

I wasn't really happy with the look of this one. I wanted something brighter...something that would show up better against my blue front I grabbed a burgundy and cream striped scarf that is my daughter's.  It is quite a few years old and not something that my fashionista would be caught wearing nowadays.  I wrapped it around the grapevine wreath,

...and then I pinned it with safety pins.  I continued this all the way around the wreath.

The ends of the scarf had pom-poms...I wrapped the ends around the back of the wreath and then up over the front - not even tying them - just leaving them hang over the front of the wreath...AND HERE IT IS ON MY FRONT DOOR!!

There you have it - A GREAT TRANSITIONAL WREATH - that I can use before and after the holidays during the cold months of winter...This project took all of about ten minutes to would be good to do with a pool noodle or a smoother wreath - but for me this was a NO COST PROJECT - my favourite kind!

I think it makes my front door look nice and cozy!  It is a great way to use something that I had on hand (and the rest of the pile of scarves are still going to be donated)  What do you think??  Are you using scarves to decorate this season? I'd love to hear from you!


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  1. Hey! That scarf was so comfy! Im glad that it could go to a good use on your blog :)
    Did you donate any of my other scarves??

    :) Chelsey

    1. And it looks really good. Definitely Pin-worthy! :)

  2. What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a great idea, and it looks so cute! I love it. Your newest follower from the Newbie Party! :)

  4. This is so cute and cozy!!! I love that you used the embellishments on the scarf to decorate the wreath too. I love pom poms!! Found you over at Debbiedoos! Great job on the wreath!

  5. Kathy Moody - thanks for stopping by and following along!

    Heather - glad you liked the wreath!

  6. That's a very cute idea. I love the red and white; it's so cheerful looking on the nice blue door.


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