Friday, August 23, 2013

Burlap - Have you Jumped on the Band-wagon??

Burlap seems to be everywhere in Home Decor these days...I think you either LOVE it or you don't.

I'm not really into doing crafts other than knitting and making the occasional wreath for my front door, but burlap is really hot in the crafting world too.

I have a few burlap items in my home that I would like to share with you today.

First up some great candle holders.

 I love how the rustic texture they add to my home.  

My newest burlap addition I found last week on a trip to Home Sense (Canada's version of Home Goods).
I was in browsing for something that would work over the buffet in the dining room.  I had tried a few different pieces there but nothing  really seemed right to me....Until I found this guy!!

A chippy aqua frame, some burlap and a gorgeous needlepoint that encompasses all the colours of my home!!  

Y U M M Y!!! and I had to have it!!

It measures 30 x 30 inches so it's a great scale and fills up the wall quite nicely, and I'm thinking that was the problem with everything else I had tried there.  Here's a couple of more pics.

I love how it incorporates the teal from the kitchen along with the brown from the sofas and tan colours from the furniture in the living room.  And since this wall lies between both the kitchen and the living room, its the perfect tie in!
The best part was, it was in the clearance section...just $29!!
So - there you have it - my burlap! 

 I'm loving it...Do you LOVE burlap??

P.S. - to see some more great burlap creations, head on over to the burlap linky party over at 
My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia that's where I will be linking up!  See you there!


  1. love BURLAP anything......there is a BURLAP Linky Party going on today at
    Christine from

  2. The shapes and colours in the needlepoint are really lovely!

  3. Burlap is wonderful and yours looks great! ~~Angela

  4. I love burlap too! That wall art is great!

  5. Great find. It's beautiful, and looks perfect for that spot where you hung it. I love your burlap candle holders too. laurie

  6. Count me in as a lover of burlap!

    Thanks so much for joining our Blog Hop! We are so happy to have you and hope to we you again next weeks,


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