Monday, August 19, 2013

Thrifty Finds

Welcome to another Thrifty Finds post!  

This weekend McG had a golf tournament for work, so I had the day to myself!  With a pocket full of money and a long list of yard sales to hit, I ventured out after driving our son to work.

I was very lucky this week, hitting a great neighbourhood sale first.  I love it when there are a large number of houses all in the same block with stuff to sell!

 First up is a great down filled pillow in cream and navy and a large Tupperware bowl that was in mint condition - both just $2 each. Sloan felt the need to check out my finds too and photo-bomb my shot!

Next up - a fall pumpkin decor item (25 cents) and a notepad gift set ($3).

I picked up an artificial Christmas Tree and a cooler for McG - both just $5.  He's using artificial Christmas trees this year to cover his duck blind.  They were asking $10 for the tree but they gave it to me for $5!

Next a garden ornament and a white wire planter - each $2.

The planter looks lovely on my dining room table!

If you follow on Facebook, you got a sneak peek at this print earlier today - just $2.

And last, but not least, this wreath for $3.  It found an immediate home on the inside of my front door!

It was a great week for thrifty finds in my neck of the woods...did you get some thrifty finds this week??

I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Neat finds, Cheryl!! It's so much fun to find new stuff!! Love the print too! Are you planning to frame and hang? Have a great week!!~~Angela

    1. Thanks Angela - I am looking for a new frame for the print - I used one I had here at home, but it didn't look quite right...might paint the frame and see if I like it better...

  2. You did get some goodies. I have been doing the opposite. Trying to get rid of a lot of things in case me move to a smaller house. I had my kiddos take what they wanted and gave the rest to Goodwill. I just don't have the energy for a yard sale. Wish you lived closed. I still have lots of collections left to get rid of. I recycle frames all the time and painting is good. Love the plant holder.

  3. Boy you hit the jackpot...great finds for sure!

  4. You do very well at yard sales!

    I like the seaside print; I really do have to head to the ocean again at some point!

    Have a great weekend, Cheryl.



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