Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Almost There...

This past weekend I spent at the Flea Market in St. Jacob's and thrifting with my BFF.  We have been friends for 36 years and had never gone away just the two of us.  With life and husbands and kids it just didn't happen.  But last weekend we remedied that and decided to make it an annual event.  No great things were purchased, just some small household items, and no pictures were taken...sorry!

Back at home McG kept busy with work and projects in the back yard.  I came home to some significant progress and was able to help him work out there on Sunday.

He moved my fountain over to the back of the house where it could be seen better. This is probably my favourite of all the gifts he has ever made for me.

He added a brick border along the garden by the back door.  He and our son spent Saturday afternoon digging up the beach stone at the home of some of our friends.  They were re-doing their landscaping and were going to get rid of the stone.  McG and our son dug it out of their yard and put it into a trailer, brought it home, and then proceeded to  pass it through a screen box to remove the dirt and then put it into our garden.

McG loves a bargain even better than I do, and won't hesitate to do a bit of work to get something for FREE!

He extended the stone along the back of the house around the fountain as well.

We need to finish up this area this week by adding a bit of sod.

Last week, he also started to paint the garage and he added the "jewellery" to the garage doors that we purchased over at Menard's in Michigan as well.  This hardware is magnetic so there is no drilling into the doors!

This is as far as he has gotten with the paint, but you can tell already what a difference the darker colour is going to make!  I'm excited to get the project done, but it will have to wait...we are having our annual Labour Day party this weekend...and there is lots to do to get ready!!

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  1. WOW....the fountain is wonderful....loving your backyard....Also, the garage doors look great!!!


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