Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Trying out Small Changes in the Kitchen

When we purchased this house last year, we knew that a kitchen makeover was not too far on the horizon.  Fast forward a year and we are just about ready to begin tackling it. Although the cabinets are solid wood, they are not in the best shape.  The dark walnut stain is showing wear and it really makes the kitchen very dark.  These pictures below were taken shortly after we moved in.

The hood cabinet over the stove is in pretty bad condition.  I am thinking of having it removed entirely and just using that space above the vent for display.  In order to get a feel of what it would be like to do so, I took the cabinet doors off this week.

And I added some decor I pulled from around my house.  I LOVE shopping the house and changing things up...don't you??!!

An antique platter on a plate stand, some of my gorgeous green glass pieces, an enamelware pot I found thrifting a few years ago, and last but not least that blue glass vase I picked up last week on clearance.

This change took literally five minutes to complete and I am loving how it brightens this dark corner of the kitchen.  Stay tuned for some BIG changes coming up for the kitchen...a whole new colour scheme that will be sure to lighten and brighten this room!

Have you made any small changes to your home lately?



  1. super cute kitchen, the EAT looks great on the dark wood!!! Nice contrast !!!

  2. Hi Cheryl, I am excited to have found your lovely blog and delighted that I found it in time to watch your kitchen redo. We also purchase a new home last year. It was a major fixer-upper and we have done so much, but the kitchen has only been painted. I have a stove hood and a faucet that I bought before we even closed on the house, but things like electrical, plumbing (in the bathroom), new windows and a new roof had to come first. I am hoping to get some things done in the kitchen this fall, hopefully before Thanksgiving. It will be fun following your blog, because it sounds like we are in the same boat . . . misery loves company, they say, LOL. All kidding aside, I love our new (old - built in 1905) home and feel so blessed in buying it. We lived in a very tight community for thirty-three years and now we have an acre just outside of town with an alfalfa field across the road. Life is good!
    Well, I am very happy to meet you and have just become your newest follower. I hope that you will visit and follow me back. We can compare kitchen redos . . . although our will not be too extensive.
    Connie :)


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