Saturday, September 19, 2015

Living Room Additions

I've been holding out on you guys...but today I'm coming clean and sharing some new additions that we've made to our living room.

Last November when our daughter moved out we gave her the couch and love seat that we had in our living room.  We lived with just two chairs in there since that time.  I really was in no rush to purchase another sofa, especially since back in March we decided to take down the wall between the kitchen and living room.   That being done and out of the way...we are still living with bare studs on the posts since I can't seem to make up my mind what to cover them with.

A few weeks ago we took the plunge and purchased a new sofa from Costco...a Broyhill charcoal grey lovely that makes me smile every time I walk by...

In my opinion it is the perfect sofa.  Three square cushions with piping on all edges to help keep the shape.  In addition, because the seat cushions are square they can be moved around so that they get even wear.  You know I have a favourite spot to sit and this way the cushion won't wear out as quickly because I can flip them over and move them to different spots.

Another thing I love about it is that the back cushions are stationary.  I do not prefer sofas with loose back cushions, I find I am forever straightening them.

My side chairs are a camel colour as you can see, but I really don't mind because this way the room looks more currated and not bought from a set.  Both colours are neutral enough to work together.  I can still change the look by changing out the pillows.  These are not the pillows that came with the sofa, those I gave to my daughter as they were an eggplant colour and not really my taste.

The fabric is soft, almost chenille like, not scratchy at all.  I also love how firm the sofa is, it not all
squishy and unsupportive.

With the furniture set in place I needed a little side table next to my reading chair.  I couldn't really find anything that spoke to me, but I did find this wicker box that I loved and I decided to try it as a table.  I purchased it at Homesense for $24.99 and I think it adds great texture and another storage option to the room.  It could even be used as a stool if need be.

I also picked up this great blue glass piece in the clearance aisle at Winner's for just $7.00...

...and this 8 x 10 frame with the cute print included for $9.99.  It found a place in the built-ins for now, but once the hallway is painted it will be used in a gallery wall I have planned.

I love finding things that don't break the bank, especially if I can get them on clearance.

Now I'm just working on deciding what to do with the support beams between the kitchen and the living room...and after that it's on to the kitchen makeover!!

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