Thursday, September 17, 2015

I Succumbed to Peer Pressure!

Well I did it!!  I said I wouldn't but I did...

I fell to peer pressure and brought out some of my fall decor yesterday.  You know what made me do it...all those great fall home tours.  You know the ones, with the clean houses and the lovely fall pumpkins and leaves.

I wanted my house to look as good as those ones.

I didn't bring out too much, just enough to feel a little more  festive.

I'm going to hold off another week  or so on decorating the front porch.  My Impatiens are still blooming so nicely that I don't want to change them out for Mums just yet.

It's still 80 degrees here, so it's not really very fall like.

Darn those home tours...while it was nice to see all the Fall really did make me
feel behind the eight-ball to decorate for the season!!

Are you putting out your Fall decor, or are you waiting a little longer???

I'd love to know!!


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