Monday, July 08, 2013

200+ ... Thank You!!

This morning my little blog hit 200 Facebook followers!  A great feat spurred on by a small few who have passed on kindness and shared my posts...

I have always LOVED interior design - I can remember changing my room around every week as a kid and even talking my sister into switching rooms with me a time or two when I couldn't come up with new ideas and I wasn't allowed to paint!!  Having a new room with different four walls was heaven to me.

Some 40 years later I still enjoy home decor and switching my furniture around.  McG never knows what he'll come home to - and secretly, I think he likes it!!  

It warms my heart to know that what I'm putting out there is being "LIKED" - I have never been one to have the latest trends - but instead - I try to find things on the cheap and then re-invent for my home.  I am a big believer in "living" in your home and using your rooms for what suits you best and maybe not always what they are "supposed" to be.  I didn't start this blog in the hopes of ever becoming one of those GREAT BIG  blogs...but I had HOPED that some of what I was doing would strike a chord with someone, and that eventually I would have a few followers.

In the coming weeks I hope to continue to have something that you keep coming back for...until then,




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