Sunday, July 28, 2013

Garden Randoms

I have been lacking in my garden posts of late, mostly because of the weather and some due to my day-dreaming about a new house!

Last weekend we had a bad storm blow through.  If you follow on Facebook, then you already know of my stick picking-up adventure of last weekend...

Our Chinese Elm tree lost many of its small inner branches - our backyard was covered with them.
And when I got around to the other side of the deck, I found this...

Yes, our Purple Sandcherry standard had bit the dust - breaking off at the graft.  So sad to see as it was doing beautifully this year.

The Rose of Sharon trees fared better - losing some of their blooms but none of their branches.

They have a gorgeous soft pink bloom with a dark pink center.

We have another Rose of Sharon at the back of the property by the water feature that sports double blooms.

This tree stands about 15 feet tall and puts on a magnificent show!

We also had some new bloomers this week - a couple of day-lilly varieties sent up some blooms this week.

I found a little garden friend as I was snapping pictures for this post.

He jumped and startled me while I was in the side garden.

Another new bloomer this week are the false-sunflowers (at least that's what I call them).  They are tall like a sunflowers but bloom similar to a Black-eyed Susan.

 Here's a beautiful close-up shot!

Their centers are a lime green.

We also had new flowers on the Hibiscus in the side yard.  A beautiful pale pink flower that is delicate like paper.

But the star of the garden this week has to be the Stargazer Lilly!!

Isn't she amazing!!
I found her peaking out amongst the Black-eyed Susan's!

The weather is cool here today and McG and I are going to work on some lighting for the garden.  I will make sure and take lots of photos and share that with you soon!

Enjoy your Sunday!


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  1. We had a windstorm too - and a giant branch crashed down on our garage - we need to replace the gutter and repair a small hole! Sorry about your tree - it was a beauty!

    Love your garden - that rose of sharon is amazing!!

    1. thanks for stopping by! - yes losing the tree was sad, but now I am looking forward to finding something to plant in its place!

  2. you garden is beautiful. I love all the variety and colors

  3. I sorry you lost that one tree but the rest of your garden is lovely! I have 2 special Rose of Sharon tree, one from my mom and one from my aunt. They also shared their seeds for their beautiful hibiscus blooms. I really cherish mine. Thanks for sharing your photos!!


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