Tuesday, July 09, 2013

New Additions to the Dining Room

Back last fall I introduced to the great deal we got on our dining room furniture.  At that time, I also told you that the china cabinet that came with the set had been relegated to the office.

Well no more hiding...it has come out to play!!  If you follow us on Facebook, you got a sneak peek last night of the accessories on top of the cabinet.

Here's a few more shots...

The urn you have seen previously on a Thrifty Finds post, but the big glass jug and the plates were finds this past week.  The jug has a slight blue tint to it.  It's hard to tell since its up against our blue-gray walls.  The colour is very similar to that of those great blue Ball canning jars. In fact I'm thinking of adding some of those to the top of the cabinet as well!

Here is the dining room/living room combo..I thought it was looking a little crowded, so today I made some more changes.  Isn't that always the way, move one thing and it snowballs into a full house change!!

 I love changing up my home!!  Don't you??
So exciting!
P.S. - Now that I am looking at these photos - I don't really like the way the accessories inside the cabinet look...I'm going to be working on that tonight as well!!



  1. Your room looks great! I certainly can relate to changing one thing and it all snowballs!! LOL!! Love your blue jar!!~~Angela

  2. thanks Angela!! the re-arranging has snowballed to 3 rooms now...I love the jar too and at $2 it was a great buy!!


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