Friday, July 12, 2013

New Blooms and Garden Vignettes

The garden has slowed down a bit.  It still has a lot of colour - mostly oranges and yellows right now with all the day lillies blooming.

Here's what's new this week...

First up - the Button bush - with its space-aged looking blooms!

 Next - the Daisies

A bright orange variety of Day-Lilly - I even captured a Bee collecting its tasty pollen!

 Now a couple of vignettes I snapped out there today...The fountain in the front yard.

And one of the birdhouse in the front garden.

And finally a great shot of the Brown-eyed Susans...I know I've showed you this one before, but they are one of my favourties!


  1. Beautiful garden shots, Cheryl. Your water fountain is so attractive, I imagine all the birds gather round to drink before heading home to that cute little bird house.

  2. These close-ups are wonderful. Beautiful way to enjoy your flowers. Thank you. ~Zuni


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