Friday, July 26, 2013

House update!

Well it looks like I will have to keep dreaming about a new house for awhile longer...

When we showed up for our appointment at the prospective house, the Realtor advised us that another offer was being presented to the homeowners that evening.  And while he wasn't rushing us, he did want us to have an opportunity to look through the house again thoroughly and then proceed with an offer if we decided to.

Upon further inspection of the house, we found some foundation cracks that we were concerned about.  McG contacted his cousin who does some contractor work and asked him to come to the house and give us his opinion.  He was suspicious that the house may have some structural problems and pointed out a few other things that he saw that could be red-flags.  Based on that and the fact that we have not yet put our house on the market, we chose not to make an offer on that house.

I heard from the Realtor today and he advise that the homeowners accepted an offer from the other party conditional on mortgage financing and home inspection.  

So for now, I will go back to dreaming and making plans for my future home...Pinterest HERE I COME!!!


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  1. Not to worry; that just means there is something better out there waiting for you!


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