Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Adding some "WOW" to the Entryway

Back when we were first starting our renovation (and this blog) I showed you this picture of our living room...

I told you then how I HATED that orangey railing that divided our living room from our entryway... Step one in the renovation was taking that down and installing a half-wall in its place.

At that time we also painted the trim white and the walls a soft grey-blue called Canadian Sky by Glidden paints.

I knew this large entryway wall needed more than just a paint treatment...and that's where the WOW comes from...A STATEMENT WALLPAPER!

I purchased the wallpaper at Walmart.  The pattern is called Floral Trail and I paid $22.97 for each package.  It took 1 1/2 packages to complete the wall.  Its a chocolate brown background with a grey-blue and pear green flower, all the colours I love.  Our living room furniture is chocolate brown and we have a feature wall in the dining room that is painted a mocha colour so I knew this would work.  We painted the molding that was previously in the entryway and installed it where the new wall portion meets the old wall..

It breaks up the wall a bit and helps to bring your focus down when standing in the entryway.  McG also added a shelf onto the top of the wall to finish it off,

I needed a narrow entryway table, so I shopped my house and found an antique plant stand that would work and McG had some leftover door panels in the garage from the media cabinet makeover that I put on top for the table surface.  I draped an old curtain panel from the living room over top of the doors and then accessorized with some more items I had on hand.  I did purchase the small lamp at Walmart for $9.97 to finish it off.

(McG has' yet to finish the stairs.  We are waiting until next week as we are having a family dinner this weekend, and I didn't want the stairs torn up until after the party.  I will post an update on the finished stairs once he has got them done.)

Next I added an mirror I purchased at Hobby Lobby on one of our cross border shopping trips.  I just LOVE that store!  Mirrors were 50% off that day, so it was a good buy at just $15.  

It's a creamy white with a lovely edge detail along the mirror's edge.  I love the way it finishes off the entryway!  I also purchased the metal cross in the clearance area at Hobby Lobby for $4.99.

I really LOVE the bold statement the wallpaper makes in the entryway.  

Are you BOLD enough to make a statement like this in your home?!!


  1. Looks just awesome! Love the wallpaper and the white mirror too. Diane

  2. Thanks so much for linking up! I have the same kind of house/split entry. I love what you did with your entry way!

  3. Wow, that looks great! I am dying to wallpaper something! I can't believe it's back in style now that everyone has gotten rid of it! Naturally! Yours looks super fantastic, great update!

    1. THANKS JENNA! I really love it as well - and because its only one wall - it add the WOW without being too much

  4. What a great job!

    Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

    1. thanks for stopping by - I love Seasonal sundays, you get some great talent there!

  5. You did such a nice job! We have a bi-level (different configuration from yours) and it had rod iron railings that were painted and oh so ugly! We ditched them and my hubby built a half wall...but he didn't do a very good job. We tried to turn one end into a cabinet, but it just didn't look right. Fast forward 7 years and we took out the half wall and put in a railing with rod iron spindles. LOL! I think if we had actually painted or wallpapered the half wall it would have been better. We got new flooring so something had to happen!

    Anyway, I came to say thank you for leaving a comment on my Linky Party Tips post. I am glad it was helpful. I have several other blogging tips that I have posted. I am now following you via GFC, G+, & Pinterest!

    1. thanks Diana! - I will be sure to check out your other tips!


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