Thursday, January 03, 2013

Organizing the Un-Mentionables....

Ok people I am keeping it real underwear and sock drawer (on top of my unmade bed no less!) - My daughter is not liking this post - she's totally embarrassed that I would put my un-mentionables out there for all to see.

"Mom, really, you are putting your underwear on the internet!!!"

I have been following organizer extraordinaire Peter Walsh and his 31 Days to an organized home.  Yesterday's quest was to organize your sock drawer

     source here's what I did.  I went to the dollar store and purchased 3 plastic storage bins.  Nothing fancy just something to corral the underwear, socks and bras in my drawer.

Three fit perfectly - side by side - with a little space leftover.

I went through everything - throwing out what didn't fit and any socks that had no matches or had holes in them.  Then the balance got put back - each in their own cubbie... TA DA!! neat and tidy!

Another small step toward organization stop - the top of my dresser! (hope this post didn't offend anyone - just keeping it real and organizing on a budget) $3 drawer makeover! - Let's just hope I can keep it looking this tidy!

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  1. I, for one, loved this! It made me giggle and your realness is just so refreshing. I started cleaning out my closet last night actually!! My sock drawer is especially messy... but I don't think I'm brave enough to post pictures of my unmentionables!! hahahaaaa.....

  2. I think the bins are a great idea! I may just have to borrow it. :)

  3. Amy - thanks - I'm glad you found it funny - but keeping it real is what it's about...we all know we can't be perfectly organized everywhere in our home...and what better place to start!

    My Little Home and Garden - please feel free to borrow the idea of the bins - they make things easier to keep sorted

  4. That's a fantastic idea! Why are unmentionables always the hardest to organize?

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