Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Vanity, Lotions and Lovelies...

Well that's quite the title for a mish-mash kind of post...

Last week when I was organizing "the un-mentionables" I knew it was going to lead to more work in the bedroom (and no not that kind of work - get your mind out of the gutter!!)  I'm talking about organizing the top of my dresser...

We have no vanity area in our bathroom, so I needed a place to store and put on my make-up each morning.  It has been relegated to the top of my dresser.  Back a few months I purchased an organizer from Home Sense that I used to corral all the goodies on top of the dresser. (the cute black and white damask pattern I love!)  But even that was bulging at the seams.

I knew I need to get my jewelry and perfume out of the equation to free up some space on the top of the dresser and get things more organized.  On a trip to Home Sense again last week, I found a cute shelf in the clearance aisle...and it works perfectly to hold my perfume and organize my jewelry. ($20)

The wood is distressed and has a rusted metal inlay.  I moved the artwork I had there and added a couple of extra nails to make sure it was sturdy enough to hold the weight of the perfume bottles and the jewelry.

It is close enough to my "make-shift" vanity to keep everything within reach.  I also cleaned out some of the lotions and potions and added a small three drawer organizer to help corral some of the stuff I couldn't do without!

It's now less cluttered and more organized.  It makes getting ready in the morning much easier and faster.

One more stop on the Organization Train is completed. 
How's your house coming - are you organizing today too?

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