Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Creating an Office out of a Dumping Zone...

Ok - here it is January 2nd and I am just itching to start clearing out the clutter...The Christmas decorations are all packed away for another year - but like you, I'm sure - I have alot of new stuff that needs to find a home...perfume and lotions that McG bought me for Christmas, along with a whole lot of other goodies that have been dumped in this room...our spare bedroom.  (This is the view from the door)

This room used to belong to our son, however, about 5 years ago he decided he wanted to have his room in the basement.  For the past 5 years this room has been home to all the STUFF that has no home...extra tables and other furniture that is "waiting" for a place to be in our home.  Here are some views from other angles in the room...

There is a desk in the corner here under the piles of other stuff - I just have to dig it out!

This is the china cabinet that came with our dining room set - there really isn't room in the dining room for it and I have been thinking of selling it - but for now it's found its way here.

More stuff piled up...clothes to go to Goodwill, the stuff on the shelf belongs to my son, but was forgotten here when he moved and frames - you name and it's probably in here somewhere!

Since starting this blog last fall, I have been using my netbook on my lap in the livingroom (not really a great workspace!)  I knew I wanted to claim this room for my own, but with all the coming and going during the holidays, it just wasn't a reality.  Now that the living room/dining room renovations are done and Christmas is behind us - I want to claim this room as my office/craft room - a place to set up my computer and do my blogging. and work on some projects.

So this morning I started to stake my claim...out came the clothes for Goodwill - the closet was organized to fit the frames and some of the craft items.  My son's cub cars and trophies were taken down from the shelf covered in dust...(I'm quite ashamed of this next photo - look at the dust on his trophies! - YUCK)

They were dusted off and put away for safe keeping.  The walls were dusted and the furniture cleaned.  It took quite a few hours, but now the room is a beautiful office.  My son attached a bigger monitor to my netbook so that I don't have to blog on such a small screen.  I have hung pictures on the walls too, along with a quote that I purchased at our local Dollar Store.  

It actually looks quite lovely on the wall by my desk.

See - I told you there was a desk under all that mess!

I kept the paint that was on the walls in is a lovely khaki-tan called Straw from Sears that we put up  several years ago.  The walls are in good shape so no need to paint.  Here are some other "AFTER" views of the room from various angles...

(Just pretend you don't see the unmade bed and other mess in the background of this picture)

I am quite excited for McG to get home from work today and see my progress on this room.  I am very pleased with how it turned out.  It is no longer the eye-sore of our home.

This is the first of many organization projects I will be tackling.  Next up a small project in our bedroom...

Are you in the mood to get organized?  I'd love to see what projects you are tackling!!!

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  1. As you know very well my room needs organization lol. I re-organized my desk today too! So that I can start blogging from there instead of on the floor. Ive actually got a craft idea for my dvd bookshelf

  2. Wow, love the way it turned out! I didn't know you could get those quotes at the Dollar Store.....see what info you get from blogging!!

    1. Yes Diane we live in Ontario Canada and our local Dollar store carries some of these quotes for $1.50 was just as good of quality as ones that I have purchased through "word to the wall" home parties - I am very pleased with how it turned out

  3. You did a great job. I love the saying that you put on the wall. Please come by and link this post in my party.

    1. thanks for the invite Robin - I will go over and link up!

    2. Thanks for linking to Fluster Muster Wednesday over at Fluster Buster.


  4. Thanks for linking up to It's Party Time Cheryl! Love your room makeover! Great organization! I still have to do that in a few of our rooms from our move this summer!

  5. Wow, you have some gorgeous pieces of furniture!


  6. I don't know if I could share a photo of my disorganization... Embarassing, but I'll get to it. YOU DID A GREAT JOB. Happy to find you through Sunlit Sunday, I'll be watching your junking, I'm there.


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