Friday, January 25, 2013

Organizing the Bathroom

Organization seems to be a theme this time of year out in blogland...I have been following Peter Walsh and his 31Days2GetOrganized as you know and the other day bathroom organization was the challenge...

My medicine cabinet is always neat and tidy...its the other two cabinets that tend to get over-run with stuff and out of control very easily...those are the one I tackled.  And let me tell you, it was a big job that took me  quite awhile to finish!

Here's what they looked like BEFORE I started...I could barely fit any towels in there!!

If you look closely in both cabinets I had already made a previous attempt to organize using dollar store wasn't working and what I needed to do was to PURGE!!!  I was relentless, tossing all kinds of good stuff - some things not even opened or used yet.   I kept only the brands of things I knew I would use in the next few months - and I made a VOW only to buy replacements when I needed sale is a good one if you are not using the products...(HOPEFULLY I WILL BE ABLE TO STICK WITH THAT!)

Here's a few AFTER shots of both cabinets...

Gone are the multitudes of hairsprays that didn't hold my hair...and the shaving cream that McG doesn't use now because of his electric razor...the new bins store dixie cups and guest towels.

Now I can actually store more than just a couple rolls of toilet paper in here...that means less trips down to the basement to get some when we run out - makes my life so much easier!

Are you doing the challenges along with Peter Walsh?  There is a small one each day - it really makes getting  organized so much easier...


P.S. - all the new unopened items we took to the local Woman's shelter - so it was a win-win!


  1. Great job Cheryl! And you did great by taking the unused products to the women's shelter. That is a win-win situation! and I know it made you feel good too! We keep our toilet paper in the linen closet in the hallway along with our towels. There is just no room in the bathroom for everything!! I am going to see if I can purge anything today!

    1. Thanks Lou Ann - my hallway linen closet holds bedding and a multitude of other things like light bulbs and batteries and extension cords...pretty much everything but linen..LOL


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