Friday, January 04, 2013

Organizing the Tupperware cupboard..

Second post today...but I didn't want to get behind following the 31 Days of Organization with Peter Walsh...Organizer Extraordinaire!

Day 3 - was organizing the plastic storage containers...This was the picture he posted on his facebook page.

Does your cupboard look like this???  Mine isn't quite that bad...

A few years ago, I got McG to build and install these drawers inside of our cupboard to hold our plastic storage containers.  In 2010, we made the switch to mostly glass containers, but we still have a few plastic one - however, we no longer heat food in the microwave in plastic, we use only the glass ones for that.

It's not the containers that get so messy in my cupboard - its the lids!  I knew that's where I needed to start with this challenge.

I purchased this organizer at the Dollarama to help keep the lids contained.  This is usually used to corral baking sheets in your cabinets, BUT, it works great for keeping plastic lids in place.

Much neater and easier to find the lid you need when you need it!

Are you doing the 31 Days of Organization Challenge?  Today's challenge is REMOTE CONTROLS...we don't have many of I will be skipping this one.  

Happy Organization!


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